How I Work

Whether you want to learn guitar for a profession, a hobby, or a bit of fun, you’ll quickly find that playing an instrument is one of the most intense multi-skilled tasks there is. Keeping in time, playing cleanly and surely, keeping the structure of the piece in mind…

Fortunately, it’s also one of the most rewarding talents you can nurture and grow. And when you choose to learn with Kiwi Guitar, you’ll not only gain new skills – you’ll become self sufficient in your ability to teach yourself. Here’s how I work:


Lesson structure
I devise personalised lessons around my students’ musical interests and playing style, as well as their ultimate musical goals.

After getting a rough idea of your knowledge level and guitar playing goals, I’ll get to work on helping you learn what you need to achieve what you want. Together, we’ll leverage your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses, and you’ll enjoy practical guidance and progress every week that you won’t get wading through online tutorials.

If you’re a beginner, you could be able to play a simple song right through within a few weeks to a month.

If you’re at a more advanced level, I’ll help you take your playing to the next level by recording your lessons, introducing backing tracks, teaching rhythmic structure and composition, and helping you hone your musical ear. We’ll pull your favourite tracks apart, and you can learn them from both a theory and practical perspective.

You can meet me in my West Auckland studio for lessons, or I can come to your place depending on location and circumstances. Home guitar lessons in East Auckland and central suburbs are easily arranged, and I’m happy to discuss what works best for you.

Money matters
Lessons occur on a flexible weekly basis, and you’ll start off just paying for the first two lessons as you come. If you’re happy with your progress and keen to continue working with me, you’ll need to put up the cost of two lessons as a bond. Then you can keep paying on a weekly basis as long as you like until your final two lessons – which are free due to your bond payment.

Guitar lessons for kids
I’ve worked with many budding young guitarists over my years of teaching, and enjoy keeping kids engaged and enthusiastic about music.

If you’re looking to source a guitar for your child, please note that nylon string guitars are easier for little fingers to push down. For very young kids, ukeleles can also be a simple, fun starting alternative.

The Kiwi Guitar difference
What sets me apart from other guitar teachers and music schools? Well, while there are a few obvious differences – weekly flexible payments rather than term fees, and the option to learn in the comfort of your own home – what really matters is that I teach for the real world of making music.

In that world your playing abilities, quality of sound, and professional attitude are what will help you go the distance if you desire.

Keen to find out more? Get in touch or book a lesson.